Student-Centered & Personalized Learning

Starting February 27, 2017, #EdChatME begins a 7-week exploration on the theme of “Student-Centered and Personalized Learning.”  Maine is a national leader in systems development and innovation in student-centered and personalized learning, yet we are still iterating, developing, designing, problem-solving, and experimenting with the “how’s” and “what’s” of it all.  Join us as we tackle important issues like:

  • Defining the word “proficient” so we can ALL have a common understanding.
  • What are the similarities, differences, and issues between feedback and grades?
  • How are our professional learning systems supporting deep integration of STEM ideas and practices?
  • How might we use real-time data to improve instruction, curriculum, and learning?
  • How might we integrate our content areas and break down the content-based silos?
  • Technology Integration and the SAMR model
  • … and more!


#EdChatME happens Monday nights at 8:30pm EST.  Hope to “see” you there!



Published by

Matt Drewette-Card

Curriculum Coordinator for AOS #94 (Maine). Father; husband; occasional neighbor; mediocre guitar player; currently standing behind you. Gotcha.

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